Steam Watch

The ultimate Discord bot for interacting with Steam.
Receive the latest news, price changes, workshop additions and updates for any app on the Steam store in your Discord guild.

Add to your guild


Slash Commands

Interactive commands, easier to use than ever before.

Minimal Permissions

Only requires MANAGE_WEBHOOKS, nothing else.

No Ads

Never. Ever. Your server, your rules.

(Unless it's an insane amount of money, then enjoy the ads)


Whether everybody plays it or only you do, never miss out on patch notes, announcements and blog posts. Straight from the Steam store to your Discord.


Want to let all your Internet friends know that your favourite game is on sale? We can't promise that they will buy it, but we will inform them anyway. What is there even to consider, Frank? It's 90% off, buy it already!


Never miss out on any changes to your favourite user-generated content/workshop items. Be it mods, maps, screenshots, or that naughty artwork you keep hidden from all of your friends, we've got you covered.


Roles, users, roles and users or even the dreaded @everyone. You specify who to mention, we do the mentioning and you get the blame.

Open Source

Fork it, fetch it, pull it, fix it, push it back, PR, update it!

More to come...

Think you have an awesome feature that this bot definitely needs? Join my guild and let me know.