Command Description Usage
addmention Add mentions to a watcher. sw addmention <watcher id> <mentions>
currency Fetch or set the app currency for the guild. sw currency [currency]
delmention Delete mentions from a watcher. sw delmention <watcher id> <mentions>
mentions List mentions for a watcher. sw mentions <watcher id>
news Fetch the latest cached news article for the specified app. sw news <app id> [count]
price Fetch the currently cached price for the specified app. sw price <app id> [currency]
watch Add a watcher for a Steam app. sw watch <"all" | "price" | "news"> <app id> [channel]
watchers List app watchers. sw watchers [app id | channel]
unwatch Remove a watcher. sw unwatch <watcher id>
Command Description Usage
github Display the GitHub repository. sw github
help Display a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command. sw help [command]
info Display information about the bot. sw info
invite Invite the bot to your guild. sw invite
ping Check the bot's ping to the Discord gateway. sw ping
prefix Display or set the command prefix. sw prefix [prefix | "default" | "none"]
support Display the bot's support server invite. sw support