/currencyManage the preferred app currency for the guild.
/mentions add allRole and/or user to add to all watchers.
/mentions add singleRole and/or user to add to a single watcher.
/mentions listList mentions for a watcher.
/mentions remove allRole and/or user to remove from all watchers.
/mentions remove singleRole and/or user to remove from a single watcher.
/watchers add curatorWatch a Steam curator for reviews.
/watchers add forumWatch a Steam forum for new posts.
/watchers add freeWatch Steam for free promotions.
/watchers add groupWatch a Steam group for news.
/watchers add newsWatch a Steam app for news.
/watchers add priceWatch a Steam app for price changes.
/watchers add steamWatch Steam for (Valve) news.
/watchers add ugcWatch a workshop item/user-generated content.
/watchers add workshopWatch a Steam app's workshop for new submissions.
/watchers listList app watchers.
/watchers removeRemove a watcher.
/premium activateActivate your personal Patreon subscription on this server.
/premium deactivateDeactivate your personal Patreon subscription on this server.
/premium statusShow the premium status of this server.
/premium setSet a custom webhook name and avatar for all messages.
/subscriptionCheck your personal Patreon subscription status.
/curatorFetch the latest review for the specified curator.
/freeShow currently active free promotions.
/group newsFetch the latest news post for the specified Steam group.
/group profileShow the specified group's profile.
/marketFetch details for the specified market item.
/newsFetch the latest news article for the specified app.
/priceFetch the current price for the specified app.
/profileShow a player's Steam profile.
/storeSearch the Steam store.
/suggest randomSuggest a random game from the Steam store.
/suggest ownedSuggest a random game each player already owns.
/ugcSearch the Steam workshop.
/workshop newFetch the latest new submission from a Steam app's workshop.
/workshop updateFetch the latest updated submission from a Steam app's workshop.
How to use
Right-click any message → Apps → <Command>
Get Client LinksConvert any links to Steam's website to Steam Client links.
/infoDisplay information about the bot.
/inviteInvite the bot to your guild.
/pingCheck the service's ping to Discord.
/supportDisplay the bot's support server invite.